Helianthus supports excellence in learning in the 21st century...
Investing the equity of experience in the horizons of tomorrow.

Curriculum and Instruction:

Arts-based learning, literacy and assessment supported by innovative pedagogy development.

Grant Service:

Facilitating an organic development process. Federal Programs implementation.

Educational Leadership:

Transformational organizational leadership strategies that empower all stakeholders leading to sustainable excellence.

ACIS Cadre:

Arts and Creativity Specialist bringing experience to support strategic, research-based implementation processes.

Client Resource Center:

Helianthus offers many resources to our clients including:
  • Workshop Presentations
  • Q&A BLOGs
  • Client "Reserve Shelf"
  • Effective Partnership Practices
  • Arts-based PBL Lesson Plans / CSO's
  • Clinical Supervision Forms

Helianthus provides schools, districts and BOE’s with technical and real time support in contemporary Literacy models curriculum, assessments and interventions, partnership development, extended learning, 21st century learning initiatives, effective schooling models, Arts-based learning and leadership skills.

Helianthus can also design complete curriculum packages specifically fashioned for outside-of-school learning venues such as museums, businesses, arts venues, tourist attractions, historical landmarks, foundations and institutions. Helianthus consultants can assist companies when designing professional development activities and venues and continuing education units/programs.

Helianthus is the sole distributor of RTHSTX© (Earth Sticks©), drum sticks designed specifically for use with found (not real drums) percussion instruments.